What makes us different

Our careful selection of botanical ingredients and maceration production process imbue iNNat GIN with a unique and distinguished character.

 INNat GIN is the Premium Gin produced in Menorca.

Following the maceration process developed by the monks of Monte Toro, iNNat Gin is macerated at a controlled temperature without heating the alcohol and allowing the juniper, pine, rosemary, lemon and red berries to peacefully steep and settle for the perfect length of time, achieving a gin that reflects its origins.

It features a soft flavour with a hint of citrus, and is highly aromatic and fresh, thanks to the presence of pine and rosemary, while the red berries impart a touch of sweetness.

Check out the botanical ingredients that characterise iNNat GIN.


Que nos distingue - Innat Gin Ginebra Premium de Menorca