Barcelona, ​​October 19, 2017. The gin premium iNNat Gin, from the Minorcan company Licors Biniarbolla, has been recognized as the best gin of the Balearic Islands by the newspaper El Economista. The publication has made a compendium of the most outstanding Spanish brands and places iNNat as the best in the Balearic Islands. The newspaper highlights the mild flavor of the spirit, with a citric point, very aromatic and fresh. This distinction also recognizes the high-quality craftsmanship of a product deeply rooted in the island of Menorca due to its British past.

iNNat-mejor-ginebra-balearesiNNat Gin is distinguished from other gins by its manufacturing process, since it is obtained by maceration, instead of being distilled. Elaborated following the traditional recipes of the monks of Monte Toro de Menorca, it is macerated at a controlled temperature without heating the alcohol and the botanists are left to rest, carefully chosen, which gives it a distinctive and distinctive aroma. The juniper gives body to the drink, the pine and the rosemary evoke the Mediterranean aroma, the lemon offers a citric touch, while the red fruits contribute the point of sweetness.

Licors Biniarbolla: artisanal production of spirits for more than 50 years

Cristina Quintana, head of Licors Biniarbolla, continues the family tradition in the production of liquors, which her grandfather started more than 50 years ago. Pepe Quintana, owner of an estate at the foot of Mount Toro, established a close relationship with the monks who inhabited the mountain sanctuary. When the monks left the temple, they gave the grandparents the artisan recipe for making the liquors they produced.

His son Lorenzo Quintana continued with the exploitation of the horticultural lands of the family and destined the surplus of production to the elaboration of the liquors, following the same artisanal recipe, that put special attention in the maceration of fruits and aromatic herbs, process by the which maintain their medicinal, digestive and healing properties. Thus, he managed to become the only liquor maker with a master craftsman’s letter from the Balearic Islands.

Licors Biniarbolla now begins a new stage under the direction of Cristina Quintana, artisan liquor maker, who has expanded the range of products. Respecting the traditional processes, to adapt to current demand and tastes, has created the iNNat gins – Premium quality – and Glop, in keeping with the roots of Menorcan gin.

In its facilities in Alaior, Licors Biniarbolla produces, between liqueurs and gin, a total of 30,000 bottles a year, of which 5,000 correspond to its gin iNNat. The process of manufacturing, bottling, labeling, sealing and sealing is completely manual, which gives a unique touch to each of its bottles.

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