iNNat Gin signs a collaboration agreement with Bàsquet Menorca


  • Balearic gin becomes official sponsor of the Club Empresa during this season

  • Licors Biniarbolla aims to promote a club with which it shares the values of tradition, commitment and external projection of Menorca.

Mahón, November 27, 2017. iNNat Gin and Bàsquet Menorca have signed a collaboration agreement that links the gin of Licors Biniarbolla and the sports club during this 2017-2018 season, with the possibility of extending the contract after its completion. On the occasion of the new relationship, the liquor company becomes a sponsor of the Club Empresa, a condition by which it acquires a package of preferential services and considerations that will increase the visibility of the brand in Menorcan territory

iNNat Gin firma un acuerdo de colaboración con Bàsquet Menorca

The director of Biniarbolla, Cristina Quintana, and Oriol Segura, president of Bàsquet Menorca, during the signing of the agreement

The director of Biniarbolla, Cristina Quintana, and Oriol Segura, president of Bàsquet Menorca, during the signing of the agreement
Cristina Quintana, owner of Licors Biniarbolla, explains that this sponsorship responds to the will to give support to the Minorcan entities, as well as to the opportunity to collaborate with Bàsquet Menorca from its beginnings to get the club to consolidate socially, economically and sports In addition, this agreement “provides the opportunity to increase knowledge of the iNNat brand and serves as a platform to connect with the social fabric of the island,” Quintana said, noting that both entities share values such as tradition, commitment and commitment to exterior projection of Menorca.


With the heading, iNNat Gin will have two reserved seats in the pavilion during the whole season and will hold tastings during the break in two basketball games. Licors Biniarbolla will allocate the collection of the tastings to a charitable cause. Likewise, it will house one of the events that the club will organize throughout the season and in which it will make a presentation and tasting of the iNNat gin. This day will be attended by representatives of the Island Council, the City Council of Mahón and the Balearic Government, as well as team players and other sponsors. Two lot drawings of iNNat and tickets for a basketball match before the end of 2017 will also be made within the framework of the agreement.

Licors Biniarbolla: artisanal production of spirits for more than 50 years

Licors Biniarbolla is a family business that has been engaged in the artisanal production of liqueurs and gins for more than 50 years. In its facilities Alaior follows the traditional recipe inherited by the Quintana family of the monks of Monte Toro de Menorca, in which special attention is paid to the maceration of fruits and aromatic herbs, a process by which liquors maintain their medicinal properties and digestive For this reason, its founder, Lorenzo Quintana, managed to become the only wine maker with a master craftsman’s letter from the Balearic Islands. The company is now starting a new stage under the direction of Cristina Quintana who, while respecting traditional processes, has expanded the range of products and has created iNNat gins – Premium quality – and Glop, in keeping with the roots of Minorcan gin.
Licors Biniarbolla produces, between liquors and gin, a total of 30,000 bottles a year, of which 5,000 correspond to its gin iNNat. The process of manufacturing, bottling, labeling, sealing and sealing is completely manual, which gives a unique touch to each of its bottles.

Bàsquet Menorca: a project to bring together the passion for basketball on the island

Bàsquet Menorca is a basketball team of recent creation that competes in the EBA League and is born with the support and participation of the rest of the clubs on the island. This entity is the consolidation of a sports and social project created to put Menorca back in a prominent place in national basketball. Its objective is to revive the tradition, history and love for this sport that shares a large social mass of the island. Despite its short history, the club has a solid and powerful base of local players with whom a competitive team has been created that aspires to grow at a sporting level, giving visibility to the island of Menorca.

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